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Hello and welcome to my travel page „my travel book“.

Before that, I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Juergen Ringmann. I was born in 1963 in the steel city of Dortmund, in the middle of the Ruhr area. I spent my childhood here as the second eldest of four siblings. Leaving home early, I began training as a fusion welder right after school. An ideal job that enabled me to work on assembly sites around the world. This seems to have laid the foundation for my travel fever. I got into photography in the late 80s when a friend had to sell his Canon EOS 650. Photography fascinated me from the very first moment. My passion was born. To this day, the camera is my constant companion.

By traveling I learn something about other regions, countries and cultures, experience foreign customs and customs and, above all, I get insights into the lives and surroundings of other people. Photography enables me to capture something of my experiences, impressions and encounters. This gave rise to the desire to share my photographs and their stories with you here in „my travel book“. You will look in vain for a chronology or kind of blog about the course of the trip. Let yourself be surprised and immerse yourself in the world of my travels. I wish you a lot of joy!

Note: Please observe the © copyright. All images are my personal property and may not be copied, used or published without my express permission. Thank you for your understanding!

                      Jürgen Ringmann

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my travel book Berlin

Jürgen Ringmann /// 

My one-week trip, between Christmas and the turn of the year 2022, hasn’t really been an option for a long time because of Corona. Nevertheless, I had the feeling that it should finally be now…..everything went well!!

my travel book Brazil

Jürgen Ringmann /// 

Brazil. That was my photo trip in June 2019. Again I was traveling with a group of photographers. Unlike last year in the USA, we were a total of 10 people, including our photo coach and our tour guide, who had to be kept together. The advantage is more than obvious, the exchange could develop much more personally, especially since we were on the road together for 21 days……

my travel book Hamburg

Jürgen Ringmann /// 

It was supposed to be a 14-day trip to Namibia in September 2021, which unfortunately had to be canceled due to the corona conditions on site. That didn’t stop me from icing something up anyway. I chose Hamburg…..

my travel book Iceland

Jürgen Ringmann /// 

Iceland. My dream finally came true. Because of Corona, this trip was postponed twice and could finally take place in March 2022. So I flew to Iceland for 8 days to meet up with two professional photographers and four photo enthusiasts at the airport in Keflavik, as agreed, to experience an adventurous journey together…..

my travel book India

Jürgen Ringmann /// 

Due to private contacts, I have been visiting India almost every year since 1989. To be more precise, I usually first travel to the state of Kerala, to Thiruvanathapuram, or in short, Trivandrum. From there you can take a taxi to Kovalam Beach, which is about 20 km further south. I always stay here for a while to get in the mood for my upcoming visits and planned travel destinations…

my travel book Namibia

Jürgen Ringmann /// 

Namibia. In the third attempt, postponed due to Corona, I was able to take a photo trip through Namibia in May 2022. The trip was carried out by the travel guide and photographer Richard Morsbach and Stefan Liebermann. A harmonious and great group of photo enthusiasts came together in Windhoek …..

my travel book Nepal

Jürgen Ringmann /// 

Namaste. Originally, in the summer of 2020, I was going on a photo trip to Colombia with the photographer and tour operator Martin Skjeldaleine, inspired by the fantastic impressions I was able to make in Brazil in 2019. However, the trip was canceled due to Corona travel regulations and should be made up for at a later date. Last year he also offered a 3-week photo trip to Nepal for October 2022, which I was able to experience now…….

my travel book USA

Jürgen Ringmann /// 

My trip to the USA began in May 2018 in New York City with 22 other enthusiastic amateur photographers from all over Germany. Organized and held under the leadership of two professional photographers, who put together a 6-day program with all sorts of highlights for us…